Great Pacific

630 Taiwanese students stuck in China, Hong Kong and Macau because of coronavirus // Taiwan News

Hong Kong bookseller Gui Minhai jailed for 10 years in China // Guardian

Iran news agency: Death toll from new virus in Qom is at 50 // AP

South Korean cases jump, China counts 150 more virus deaths // AP

Trade & Tech

Huawei reiterates offer to license 5G tech to US firm to create rival // CNBC

The US May Make It Illegal for TSMC to Sell Parts to Huawei Without a License // ExtremeTech


Lawlessness viz Wuhan
The key is to enforce the law against wildlife trade // SCMP

US considers expelling Chinese reporters in retaliation for ban of WSJ journalists // Taiwan News

Korean Peninsula

Two Who Fled North Korea Seek Political Office in the South // VOA


Lindsey Graham Says He Will Call 21 People To Testify In Senate Judiciary Investigation Into FISA Abuses // RCP

Do we still believe anyone about Russia or FBI about anyone?
Top FBI official: Russia wants to watch us tear ourselves apart // CNN

Devin Nunes: Mueller prosecutors should face criminal charges over Russia 'dirt' tipster // WA Examiner


Great commentaty...
Moderates just blew their best shot to stop Bernie Sanders // Guardian

Washington as Usual


Fascinating inside baseball...
Democrats may try to eliminate Ocasio-Cortez's House seat, paper says // Fox News

News Media, Journalism & Free speech

Took one for the team...
ABC News suspends correspondent for remarks that were secretly recorded by right-wing group // CNN

Coverups & Scandal

Harvey Weinstein found guilty in landmark #MeToo moment // AP

North America

Trump is reportedly furious with the plunging stock market due to coronavirus fears // CNBC

CNBCs Jim Cramer on the coronavirus We have lost containment and this could be worse than we thought // MarketWatch

Global markets fall sharply as virus cases spread past Asia // AP


Tenerife coronavirus: Hotel on partial lockdown as Italian tests positive // CNN

Last Week

Cadence editorial blog

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Great Pacific

Singapore 'idiot's guide' to coronavirus crisis control: don't do it like Hong Kong // SCMP


Shock Satellite Images May Show The Real Scale of China's Coronavirus Deaths // Al Bawaba

Coronavirus Death Smog: Is China Burning Thousands of Infected Bodies? // CCN

Update: Rise in sulfur dioxide could be sign of mass cremations in Wuhan // Taiwan News

College admissions scam: Chinese mum Xiaoning Sui pleads guilty to paying US$400,000 bribe for son's UCLA spot // SCMP

Flashback to 2018...
China's great leap backward // The Hill

Coronavirus: Ukraine protesters attack buses carrying China evacuees // BBC News

Coronavirus Could Derail Xi Jinping's Dreams for China // TIME

From protests...
China suspends Belt and Road Initiative in Kyrgyzstan // Taiwan News

China's 'War on Terror' uproots families, leaked data shows // AP

China civil rights activist arrested for suggesting Xi should resign // Taiwan News


Strained Political Relations Strand Nearly 1,000 Taiwanese in China's Coronavirus Outbreak Zone // VOA

Coronavirus: Lost opportunity for China, Taiwan to mend ties // Straits Times

Taiwan tells WHO to not be 'kidnapped' by China after Mauritius ban // Taiwan News

Czech Companies the Latest Target of Chinese Retaliation for Taiwan Ties // The Diplomat

Virus Outbreak: Travel alerts raised for Japan, S Korea // Taipei Times

Taiwan wages war on single-use plastics // Taiwan News

Hong Kong

Hongkonger opens face mask factory as shortage continues amid coronavirus epidemic // SCMP

Virus Brings Out Ugly Side of Hong Kong's Protest Movement // TIME

Videos of Hong Kong police officers dining with Jackie Chan and other pro-establishment, anti-protest entertainers goes viral // SCMP

Why is Hong Kong full of white elephant monuments and what can we do about them? // HKFP


Federal judges' association calls emergency meeting after DOJ intervenes in case of Trump ally Roger Stone // MSN News


MOMENTS AGO: Trump Makes Remarks Before Trip to India // Facebook

Trump friend Roger Stone sentenced to prison for WikiLeaks lies // CNBC

Proving himself an obvious neo-con...
John Bolton breaks silence after impeachment // MSNBC

Trump ally Roger Stone sentenced to over 3 years in prison // AP

William Barr's stunning Trump rebuke sparks debate over his true motives // CNN


Bernie Sanders' Nevada win is a breakout moment. The others are toast // Guardian

Newt Gingrich predicts Sanders is more likely to cost Democrats the House than win the White House // Fox News

Security & Public Safety

The case for repealing FISA and reforming the FBI and CIA // WA Examiner

Senate GOP gives Trump's pick for intelligence chief tepid response // CNN

Science, Weather & Health

The dimming star Betelgeuse is acting weird. Here's how to spot it in Orion's shoulder. // Space.com

NATO Focus

US-Taliban truce begins, raising hopes of peace deal // Aljazeera