Great Pacific

This will fuel anti-China sentiment...
Video shows Bloomberg saying China's 'Xi Jinping is not a dictator' // Taiwan News

Hong Kong Slogans Heard at Mainland Chinese Protest: Report // TIME

Trade & Tech

Huawei seeks to overturn FCC ban on the use of subsidy program // CNBC


CNBCs Cramer says US can walk away from the table in China trade talks after jobs report // MarketWatch

Turn of the tide, whether in or out...
Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, takes bigger role in China trade talks // Yahoo News

Huawei under fire in China over employee detained for eight months // Guardian

For the record...
The US-China trade war won't get any worse in 2020: Goldman Sachs // CNBC

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Protest Momentum Faces Test With Weekend Rally, Strike // Bloomberg

Investors 'cautious' about Hong Kong markets in 2020 as questions remain over how protests, trade war will be resolved // SCMP

Officer sitting on arrested student's head was using minimum necessary force, say Hong Kong police // HKFP

And sanctiond human rights groups!
China says it banning US military visits to Hong Kong // CNN

Flagship airline...
Cathay Pacific Further Cuts Hong Kong Capacity Due To Unrest // simpleflying.com

Korean Peninsula

North Korea: It's 'entirely up to the US what Christmas gift' it gets // CNBC

Westernizing his fashion...
Kim Jong-un steps out of grandfather's sartorial shadow with trench coat look // Guardian

Military Faceoff

In 1999, One Country Figured Out How to Kill U.S. Stealth Fighters // National Interest


With Sen. Kamala Harris' exit, Democrats can't avoid a tough conversation about diversity // NBC News


Senate Republicans puncture House GOP dreams for impeachment trial // Politico

Nothingburger article, nothing new...
Trump impeachment inquiry: A grave charge and a momentous turn // CNN

Top Republican urges against speculation after early leaks on FISA report findings // Fox News

Death & Taxes

US vows 100% tariffs on French Champagne, cheese over digital tax // CNBC

NATO Focus

Intelligence agencies have tracked Iranian short-range ballistic missiles into Iraq, US official says // CNN

Last Week

Cadence editorial blog

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Great Pacific

"biggest opportunity" in China...
Asia's food crisis: a $800 billion investment needed in next 10 years // CNBC


Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei says daughter should be proud she became a bargaining chip in US-China trade war // CNN

Down Under thinks...
China Communist Party: President Xi Jinping's week from hell // News.com.au

Down Under thinks...
It's been a horrible week for China's president Xi Jinping and the Communist Party // NZ Herald

China wants tariffs rollback in phase one trade deal with US, says Chinese media // CNBC

Because money talks...
In latest sign of trade-war pain, the Trump administration announces tariff relief for dozens of Chinese products // Markets Insider

ICBC: US-China deal is 'imminent' due to Beijing's upcoming policy meeting // CNBC

Is anyone allowed to say that?
Official says Xi cannot cling to power forever // Asia Times

Getting serious!
UK calls for UN access to Chinese detention camps in Xinjiang // Guardian

Further evidence
Data leak reveals how China 'brainwashes' Uighurs in prison camps // BBC News


Taiwan presidential election (42 days remaining): Tsai vs. Han vs. Soong // Taiwan News

Taiwan KMT candidate's wife denied entry to Singapore // Taiwan News

Hong Kong

Zero confidence: survey...
Honour, Duty and Loyalty... to whom? Why the new Hong Kong Police Force slogan is far from reassuring // HKFP

Allegations of mistreatment by Hong Kong police surface // CNN

Hong Kong protests: China arrests two men for alleged involvement // CNN

For the record...
Commentary: Surely separatism is not Hong Kong's endgame? // CNA

As Hong Kong suffers, China risks losing its financial window on the world // Guardian

China condemns US bills supporting Hong Kong protesters // CNBC

Trump signs bill supporting Hong Kong protesters despite strong opposition from China // Fox News

China still making friends...
Exclusive: In face of criticism, Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing says he's getting used to 'punches' // Yahoo News

'We will never stop,' says Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong // Sky News

Then why no violence reports on Election Day?
China state media responds to Hong Kong district council elections // CNBC

'Hong Kong is China,' Beijing reiterates after opposition landslide // Nikkei Asian Review

And blamed the US...
Beijing Was Confident Its Hong Kong Allies Would Win. After the Election, It Went Silent. // NY Times

China issues stern response to landslide victory of Hong Kong pro-democracy forces // NBC News

Hong Kong police officer stomps on protester's head // YouTube @ Hong Kong Free Press


Impeachment poll: No change in views after public hearings // CNN

CNN Poll: 50% support impeaching Trump and removing him from office // CNN

Rank & Defense

For reference:
Mutiny // Wikipedia

Edward Gallagher case: Prosecutor removed from case of Navy SEAL charged with war crimes // CBS News

Lead Prosecutor In Navy SEAL Case Is Removed For Potential Conflict Of Interest // NPR

Prosecutors in Navy war crimes case accused of spying on defense attorneys and Navy Times reporter // Navy Times

Esper 'flabbergasted' to learn of Navy secretary's secret White House outreach about Navy SEAL // CNN

Navy Secretary forced out after Trump's war crimes intervention causes division and chaos in military // CNN

Washington as Usual


Carter Page accuses DOJ of 'Orwellian overreach' over effort to prevent him previewing FISA report // Fox News

Jason Chaffetz: Democrats pre-spinning Inspector General report is 'true to script' // Fox News

Justice review of Russia probe to find no spying by FBI: NY Times // The Hill

Michael Flynn sentencing delayed until after DOJ inspector general report comes out // CNN

Soc Media, Econ, Tech

We've been warned!
Are we in for a repeat of the Long Depression // MarketWatch

US jobless claims tumble to 213000 just before Thanksgiving back near post recession low // MarketWatch

Cramer: The stock market will continue rallying despite trade war, impeachment and other concerns // CNBC