To be taken seriously, Quad needs military heft, not desultory naval exercises // India Express

Navy sends aircraft carrier USS Nimitz back to Persian Gulf // NY Post

Trade & Tech

Huawei founder says American politicians wants to kill the company // Android Authority

TSMC Reveals a Major Breakthrough Process coming to their 2024 2nm Processors that will Power Future Apple Devices // Patently Apple


Beijing takes its South China Sea strategy to the Himalayas // m.economictimes.com

Beijing Takes Its South China Sea Strategy to the Himalayas // hindianews.com

China's Xi Jinping Congratulates Biden On Election Win, Urges Cooperation // NPR

Xi Jinping calls to congratulate Joe Biden on election win // Guardian


Fists and pig guts fly in Taiwan parliament debate on U.S. pork // Yahoo News

Taiwan starts submarine production // Taipei Times


China responds to India banning 43 additional Chinese apps // CNBC

Military Faceoff

Aboard USS Ford: More Weapons, More Launches, Faster & Safer // Breaking Defense

Naval Group Opens Office in Philippines with Submarine Deal in Sight // Naval News

Iran launches unconventional aircraft carrier against US threat // FleetMon


Trump pardons Flynn despite guilty plea in Russia probe // AP

Trump's effort to steal the election is done // CNN

Fot what?
Pardons: Trump probably can't pardon himself. He may still try // CNN

Trump pops into White House briefing room for one-minute impromptu speech // Politico


True the Vote Update on Litigation and Ongoing Fight for Election Integrity // truethevote.org

Trump supporter who gave $2.5m to fight election fraud wants money back // Guardian

Biden transition adds new members to coronavirus task force // The Hill

Sidney Powell files 'massive election fraud' lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan; SCOTUS blocks NY order // YouTube @ NTD

TRUMP TAKES QUESTIONS: President Trump Answers Reporter Questions for First Time Since Election Day // YouTube @ NewsNOW from FOX

Attorney Sidney Powell files lawsuit seeking Georgia election results be decertified, awarded to Trump // Fox News

'Fantasy world': Pompeo knocks Biden administration picks as out of touch on foreign policy // Politico

Still asserting "no evidence" prior to court rulings
Opinion: It's time to stand behind election results and move on // Detroit News


Supreme Court ruling doesn't have 'any practical effect,' Cuomo says // Politico

Washington as Usual


Bernstein names 21 Republican senators who privately expressed contempt for Trump // Guardian

Last Week

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Trade & Tech

Samsung Intensifies Chip Wars With Bet It Can Catch TSMC by 2022 // Bloomberg

Retired Canadian police officer refuses to testify at Meng Wanzhou's extradition hearing // SCMP

Trump Administration Lets Qualcomm Sell Huawei 4G Mobile Chips // Gizmodo


Chinese Missile Launch in South China Sea // YouTube @ China Uncensored

China borrows at negative rates for the first time // CNN

Ex-Raytheon engineer sentenced to prison for giving China military technology secrets // Fox Business


Phoenix approves development deal with TSMC for $12 billion fab // Taiwan News

TSMC could have 2nm process ready for mass production by 2024 // TechSpot

Costco's planned central Taiwan store will open this month // Taiwan News

Hong Kong

Western allies say China broke Hong Kong deal by ousting lawmakers // Yahoo News

'Five Eyes' alliance demands China end crackdown on Hong Kong legislators // Japan Times

Broken treaty!
China broke HK deal by ousting lawmakers: Five Eyes // Taipei Times


Chinese drone flying app includes 9-dash line, angering Vietnamese // Taiwan News

Military Faceoff

Navy Destroyer Shoots Down ICBM: Watch the Historic Test // Popular Mechanics

The US Navy is moving to put more ship-killer missiles on submarines // Defense News

Navy plans 1st submarine dry dock at Pearl Harbor since World War II // Star Advertiser


Analysis: Notoriously noisy president goes (relatively) quiet in wake of election defeat // SF Gate

New York authorities investigating millions in tax write-offs from the Trump Organization // CNN


Sidney Powell: Will Prove Case 'Within Next Two Weeks' in Court // newsmax.com

The official statement on Sidney Powell:
Trump Campaign Statement on Legal Team // donaldjtrump.com

Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis Throw Sidney Powell Under Bus // Mediaite

Trump campaign cuts Sidney Powell from president's legal team // Politico

Senator or Capitulator? What does this accomplish?
GOP senator congratulates Biden, says Trump should accept results // The Hill

Michigan should delay election certification, GOP Senate candidate says // Fox News

Biden's margin of victory widens as Trump's subversion efforts grow more frantic // CNN

Same video
LIVE: Rudy Giuliani and Trump Campaign Officials Hold News Conference at the RNC // YouTube @ Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

WATCH | President Trump's attorneys hold news conference on the election // YouTube @ WKYC Channel 3

Gathering election fraud cases, evidence, et cetera
Here Is The Evidence – Crowdsourcing Evidence For Journalists // hereistheevidence.com

US President Trump's attorney Sidney Powell: 'We're preparing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states' // Remix (Europe)

Million MAGA March: Thousands of pro-Trump protesters rally in Washington DC // BBC News

Michigan Republicans Backtrack After Refusing to Certify Election Results // NY Times

F-16 Disappears off Taiwan's East Coast, Fate Still Unclear // Bloomberg

Wisconsin recount would cost Trump campaign $7.9 million // CNN

Joe Biden says Trump is helping the middle class amid pandemic // NY Post


The Covid Cult | Thomas E. Woods, Jr. // YouTube @ misesmedia

With Vaccines, the End of the COVID-19 Pandemic Is in Sight // The Atlantic

Something must not be working
Bill Gates on anti-maskers: 'What are these, like nudists?' // Business Insider

Scott Atlas urges people to 'rise up' against Michigan shutdowns // NY Post

Thousands of cars form lines to collect food in Covid-hit Texas // CNN