Western powers clash with China over Xinjiang at UN virtual meet // Aljazeera

Xinjiang births plummeted after crackdown on Uyghurs, says report // Guardian

China's ambitions in space: national pride or taking on the Americans? // Financial Times

Military Faceoff

Italian carrier returns home after completing F-35 trials // UK Defense Journal

MV-22B Osprey aircraft land on HMS Queen Elizabeth // UK Defense Journal

USS Harry S. Truman Departs Norfolk Naval Shipyard // US Navy


Trump's grip over Republicans hardens as party cleaves to election 'big lie' // Guardian


The Supreme Court is facing a showdown over abortion this week // Vox


Opinion | Vote against Liz Cheney proves GOP's only ideology now is revenge // NBC News

Scandal, Graft & White Collar Crime

Rightwingers tried to discredit Trump 'foes' with honey trap plot – report // Guardian


'Today is a great day for America': Biden removes his mask as CDC relaxes guidance – as it happened // Guardian

Last Week

Cadence editorial blog

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Encore editorial blog

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Trade & Tech

China's progress in advanced semiconductor technology slows // Nikkei Asian Review


Most of Chinese rocket burns up during re-entry // Taipei Times

Warnings came...
'Out-of-control' Chinese rocket falling to Earth could partially survive re-entry // Guardian

Debris from Chinese rocket burned up during reentry, space agency says // Global News (CA)

IOC statement on the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 // Olympics

China urges U.N. states not to attend Xinjiang human rights event, warns of more confrontation // CNBC

G7 ends talks with criticism of China and Russia // Aljazeera


CCP raising tensions on purpose: MAC // Taipei Times

Taiwan's Tsai wins Canadian government-backed award that Ottawa reportedly tried to block // CNN


Philippines foreign minister issues expletive-laced tweet over China sea dispute // Yahoo News

Military Faceoff

British Carrier Strike Group arrives in Scotland // UK Defense Journal

Taiwan's first upgraded and modified Catamaran Corvette started Sea Trial // Naval News

USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) Arrives at HII to Start its Refueling and Complex Overhaul // Naval News

The F-35's Carrier Variant Is Finally Going to Sea // Popular Mechanics

Royal Navy Sends A Strong Warning To China // gCaptain


Judge orders release of DOJ memo justifying not prosecuting Trump // Politico


The Arizona GOP's Maricopa County audit: What to know about it // CBS News


Supreme Court Weighs Crack Cocaine Sentencing Disparity // NPR

Soc Media, Cybersecurity & Tech

"so he has no first amendment rights"
Co-chair of Facebook Oversight Board defends decision to uphold Trump ban // CNN

Mark Zuckerberg can no longer deflect blame for Trump's Facebook suspension // CNBC

The Isles

Scottish nationalists vow independence vote after election win // Yahoo India

NATO Focus

U.S., Russia, China poke each other at U.N. Security Council // Yahoo India