Was it the goal?
House passes Hong Kong rights bill amid Trump China trade talks // CNBC

China slowdown vs. US strength may cause China to fold in trade war: Nomura // CNBC

Trump threatens higher tariffs if China doesn't make a trade deal // CNBC

And now this
LIVE: President Xi Jinping arrives in Brasilia, Brazil // YouTube @ New China TV

US-China trade deal mood is pessimistic in Beijing, according to government source // CNBC

From the source:
'Absolutely No Mercy': Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims // NY Times

BREAKING from NY Times!
Leaked Documents Show Xi Jinping's Secret Speeches About China's Uighur Crackdown // Forbes


Taiwan's TSMC set to rank as world's No. 3 chip supplier // Taiwan News

Hong Kong

Flashback to August...
Meet Hong Kong's Teenage Protester // YouTube @ The New York Times

Poly-U: How it decayed
Hong Kong protests: The battle of PolyU // YouTube @ BBC Newsnight

Poly-U: How it began
Hong Kong: Violent standoff between police and students // YouTube @ BBC Newsnight

Culture war
Hong Kong protests: A city's identity crisis // YouTube @ BBC News

Hong Kong protests: 1,100 people arrested in a day, 3,900 petrol bombs found at university // CNA

Hong Kong showdown: Protesters close in on trapped allies as police try to clear occupied university // Fox News

US Senate passes Hong Kong rights bill, angering China // Yahoo News

Hong Kong campus holdouts desperately seek escape routes // MSN News

Hong Kong Protests: Hundreds Arrested at a University and a Warning from Beijing // MSN News

Police behave as hostage holders
Desperate Hong Kong protesters explore sewers in campus escape bid // Yahoo News

Good work, China...
Hong Kong Airport Is Losing A Serious Amount Of Flights // simpleflying.com

Hong Kong mask ban ruled 'unconstitutional' as siege of Polytechnic University continues // ABC News Australia

No-mask law unconstitutional!
Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Protesters arrested as they run from campus // BBC News

Korean Peninsula

China signs defence agreement with South Korea as US angers Seoul with demand for $5bn troop payment // Telegraph (UK)


Supreme Court temporarily blocks House subpoena of Trump financial records // The Hill

Another 'whistleblower'...
IRS whistleblower case advances as Senate staff probe whether political appointee meddled with audit of Trump or Pence // The Hour

Washington as Usual

Radical Extremism & Terrorism

Conservatives seek to stifle new 'alt-right' movement steeped in anti-Semitism // The Hill


DOJ inspector general finds 'numerous issues' with FBI management of secret sources // Fox News

FBI seeks interview with impeachment whistleblower // Yahoo News

'It will be damning': FISA report presentation confirmed in December // m.thebl.com

Lindsey Graham announces hearing with DOJ inspector general // Politico

Donald Trump lashes out at Jennifer Williams ahead of public testimony // CNN

News Media & Journalism

Lloyd Blankfein defends CEO pay on CNBC, compares to TV reporters // CNBC

Prices, Rates, Oil & Food

Russia's Putin says shale oil technologies are 'barbaric' // CNBC


US softening position on Israeli settlements in West Bank // AP

Last Week

Cadence editorial blog

Cadence video link
Encore editorial blog

Encore video link

Great Pacific

US Secretary of State signals Donald Trump is taking a harder line on China, blaming Beijing's broken promises // SCMP

2 Taiwan companies win Apple orders due to defects in China's red supply chain // Taiwan News

Trade & Tech

Huawei Just Gave 194,000 Employees An Unexpected Reason To Stay // Forbes


While you weren't looking the trade war with China went completely off the rails // businessinsider.in

It's all over, again...
China and US had 'constructive discussions' about phase-one trade deal // CNBC

Denial when Plague reached San Francisco
The First Plague Outbreak in the United States Was Met With Denial - HISTORY // history.com

The Real Reason to Panic About China's Plague Outbreak // Foreign Policy

US-China trade deal negotiations hit another snag // CNN

Attorney General William Barr: 'Huawei and ZTE cannot be trusted' // CNBC

In China two people got the plague. Why is it still a thing? // CNN

Xi Jinping offers to help Greece retrieve contested Parthenon Marbles // CNN

Trump's China trade war losses will never be recovered, shipping data tells us // CNBC

Son of Chinese billionaire is banned from living a luxurious life by Beijing's social credit system // Daily Mail

How Bad Is China's Debt? A City Hospital Is Asking Nurses for Loans // NY Times


China latest: Wonder weapon threatens to isolate Taiwan and prevent US protection // Express

Taiwan's first commercial-scale offshore wind farm inaugurated // Taiwan News

Taiwan's Yageo to buy US rival Kemet in US$1.8 billion deal // Taiwan News

Hong Kong

Hong Kong protests: Police officer shot with arrow during university siege // CNN

Officer on Leave After Firing Sponge Grenade: Hong Kong Update // Yahoo News

China's PLA soldiers help clean up Hong Kong streets but violence flares again // CNA

'First step': Appearance of Chinese soldiers on Hong Kong streets raises fears // Sydney Morning Herald

Mainland Chinese Soldiers Take to Hong Kong Streets for First Time During Protests // WSJ

Panic button app, evacuation plans, bankrupt client risk...
Hong Kong: 'I was tear gassed getting my lunch' // BBC News

Hong Kong's student protesters are turning campuses into fortresses // CNN

Hong Kong government is being willfully blind to the chaos it's creating // CNN

'Mini Stonehenges': Hong Kong protesters take on police, one brick at a time // Guardian

An open letter to the Chief Executive // ejinsight.com

Employers act to protect staff as Hong Kong crisis deepens // Financial Times

Cambridge University under pressure to revoke Hong Kong chief Carrie Lam's honorary fellowship // Telegraph (UK)

Hong Kong Colleges Become Besieged Citadels as Police Close In // MSN News

Hong Kong faces more protests after clashes at university // BBC News

Hong Kong protests: Rule of law on 'brink of collapse', police say // BBC News

The army of volunteer doctors, artists and pastors keeping the Hong Kong protests alive // Independent

Disrupting elections...
Hong Kong protesters must call a truce for the district council elections – or let Carrie Lam win the day // SCMP

Ugly From the Outset: Hong Kong's Day of Widespread Violence // NY Times

Maxim's Restaurant Vandalized as Protests Spring Up Across Hong Kong // Yahoo News

China response to NBA Hong Kong tweet was 'violation of US sovereignty': Rice // CNBC

Hong Kong violence spirals as one man shot, another set on fire // CNBC


Historian who predicted Trump's election also predicted his impeachment // MSNBC

Trump can't sue New York state in DC federal court to stop release of tax returns, judge says // CNN

Where is proof it wasn't staged?
Donald Trump Jr walks out of Triggered book launch after heckling – from supporters // Guardian


'No discipline. No plan. No strategy.': Kamala Harris campaign in meltdown // POLITICO


Then he should change the bad rule...
George Conway Slams Elise Stefanik // Law & Crime

Cause for her firing...
...the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her... // Twitter @realDonaldTrump

Truth cited in the Tweet...
Trump tweeted as Marie Yovanovitch testified: Was it witness tampering? // NBC News

Seriously? This is the best against Trump deserving of headlines?
Exclusive: After White House meeting, Parnas said he was on a 'secret mission' for Trump in Ukraine // CNN

Serious steps being taken...
'Unusual restrictions' spook witnesses in DOJ inspector general investigation into alleged FISA abuses // WA Examiner

Justice Department watchdog moves to reassure witnesses on Russia investigation report // CNN

GOP eager for report on alleged FBI surveillance abuse // The Hill

Trump releases transcript of April call with Ukraine president // CNBC

Judge slams feds over murky stance on McCabe // POLITICO

Education & Work

Unemployment is only getting worse for recent graduates // NY Post

Soc Media, Econ, Tech

US stock market at record but farm bankruptcies at highest since 2011 // MarketWatch

Its great the stock market is setting records but its not because the economy is great // MarketWatch

Visualizing $69 Trillion of World Debt in One Infographic // visualcapitalist.com

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: Wealth inequality is a 'huge problem' // CNBC

This is the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen says Jamie Dimon and its going to continue // MarketWatch