Hong Kong

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Roberts admonishes House managers, Trump lawyers, telling them to 'remember where they are' // WA Post

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Great Pacific

Photo of the Day: China having a fit after nations congratulate Taiwan president // Taiwan News

Xi Jinping's approach to Taiwan and Hong Kong has backfired // WA Post


Xi's Wider Fight With U.S. Is Only Just Beginning After Trade Deal // Bloomberg

HSBC aware of Huawei's ties with Iran unit before arrest of founder's daughter, documents show // SCMP

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong protester trials: a case for mercy for the young and less culpable // SCMP

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Man arrested after catching Hong Kong police on camera in restaurant // SCMP


'Strong' paper trail has John Durham investigating the months before Mueller appointment // WA Examiner

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More of a 'fold'
Nancy Pelosi gambled and lost on the impeachment delay // CNN

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You're Kidding

Oregon woman fired from bank job after giving struggling man $20 to get home for Christmas: report // Fox News

Michigan man finds more than $43G in couch he bought from store // Fox News

Mid East

Explains the whole complexity...
Why thousands of Iranians are protesting their government // Facebook

Iranian authorities bulldozed grave of executed Christian pastor: family // Fox News

NATO Focus

Iran's Rouhani makes veiled threat to US and EU troops in Middle East // CNBC