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Jack Ma's fortune jumps $2 billion after record Alibaba fine // english.alarabiya.net

China forces Jack Ma's Ant Group to restructure // BBC News


Taiwan's president says Chinese military activities threaten regional stability // CNBC

Military Faceoff

Nimitz Wins CY2020 Aircraft Carrier Battle 'E' // US Navy

As the US Navy scrambles to field more missiles in Asia, a tough decision looms for aging cruisers // Defense News

Beijing has a navy it doesn't even admit exists, experts say. And it's swarming parts of the South China Sea // CNN

US and China deploy aircraft carriers in South China Sea // CNN


Trump goes after Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors // Times of India


Dems wrestle with whether to nudge a justice off the Supreme Court // Politico

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China Tells Japan to Stay Out of Hong Kong, Xinjiang Issues // Bloomberg

H&M faces Vietnam boycott over South China Sea map // Nikkei Asian Review

Philippines warns China of 'unwanted hostilities' in sea dispute // Aljazeera


China fines Alibaba billions for alleged market abuses // Guardian

Xinjiang cotton: Western brands blurred on China TV // BBC News


Photo of the Day: Taiwan's Sun Moon desert // Taiwan News

China says US to blame for tensions over Taiwan // Taiwan News

US eases limits on Taiwan contacts // Taipei Times

US bill to pressure China on trade, support Taiwan // Taipei Times

Taiwan education minister supports athletes preparing for Beijing Olympics // Taiwan News

Military Faceoff

Navy Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Passes Through Suez Canal // Military.com

China's moves in Strait 'destabilizing,' US says // Taipei Times

China vows regular carrier group drills // Taipei Times


Supreme Court Rules For Worshippers And Against California COVID Restrictions // NPR

'Think long and hard': Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer pushes back on 'court-packing' // USA Today

Supreme Court rules in Google's favor in copyright dispute with Oracle over Android software // CNBC

US Supreme court dismisses case on Trump blocking Twitter critics // Aljazeera

White House

Economist Stephen Roach questions Biden's decision to keep Trump's China policies // CNBC

Washington as Usual