Encore of Revival: America, February 6, 2017

Trump is going head on against judges. So far, the judges are keeping their power, which is a good precedent. It’s too bad that Senator Feinstein didn’t object to overuse of executive power a few years ago, but her reversal is both welcome and typical of a politician. The resistance will give more power to Trump’s base and he will gain sympathy for his cause. The “see I told you so” speeches and headlines are coming.

Californians are getting serious about seceding from the Union. If California left it would not be abandoning the US, but its sister State, New York. Without Los Angeles and Manhattan, Trump would have had the popular vote as well, even with Hillary keeping her estimated 800k illegal voters. Keeping some things separate has always been a goal of the United States since its founding. Californians should, however, be thankful that they are asking to leave the United States rather than asking to leave Mexico.

Senate Republicans have claimed that they can’t repeal Obamacare because the employee they can fire at any time, the Parliamentarian, says that Obamacare can’t be repealed the same way it was passed. VP Mike Pence can overrule the Parliamentarian without firing him. These are the same Republicans who said that they couldn’t change Obamacare without the presidency and that their fellow Republican, Trump, would never win the presidency. Now that they have what they said they needed that they said they couldn’t get, they say they can’t do what they said they would do if they got it. Whenever Republicans whine about what they can’t do, they always get more power. The best interpretation is that Republicans are hoping to inch toward a 60 vote Supermajority in 2019. Again, the trend is for slowness to stir sympathy to the cause. May Heaven help the United States if any political party ever gets a Supermajority in the Senate while having control of the White House.

The term “unemployment” has as honest of a definition as the lawyer-defined word “natural” on a box of cookies. The media has finally discovered that there are six ways to track “unemployment”, specifically U1-U6. U3 has been used recently and most famously during the Obama years when the claim was that “unemployment was low”, without emphasizing the qualification “U3”. The U3 figure only considers people who were looking for jobs while U6 considers all Americans without a job—a definition more likely associated with “national unemployment”. Congratulations to those in the media who have finally discovered the six degrees of unemployment figures.

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Encore of Revival: America, May 2, 2016

Ted Cruz is not doing “what is necessary to win” the election; he’s doing what it takes to divide. Watch carefully and remember.

Dividing may not be his goal. Damage is rarely a goal; it rarely needs to be. If you want to know just how “establishment” he is look at his establishment methods. By our deeds do we align ourselves.

Cruz’s strategy of winning second ballot votes seems squirmish, attempting an unrightful victory based on technicality—not only against the spirit of the rules, but the spirit of the country he alienates in the process. But, more importantly, by presuming a defeat on the first RNC ballot, he presumes defeat.

He has clearly stated that VP is no option for him. This, combined with his attempt to get late-game votes from his opponent’s delegates, has burned all bridges of having his name on the 2016 ballot. Had Cruz every intention to win, he would not have done that.

Cruz seems to have a loser complex much akin to that of Sunday morning culture: “Us four and no more—against the world.” It is as if he wakes up in the morning expecting to be hated, then schemes a way to rule a nation that hates his actions more every day.

He claims victory, then loses. He claims Christianity, yet deals his neighbor injury without repair. He says what focus groups tell him to, while claiming to be trusted.

Not only his boilerplate consultant establishment methods, but also Cruz’ presumption of losing as his career path, proves him to be the best personification of an establishment candidate our nation has seen thus far.

His epitaph should read, “Here lies Ted Cruz, king of all establishmentarians, and the place all liars go when they tell the same lies every liar tells.”

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Thursday, March 31, 2015

Ben Innes’ terrorist selfie on EgyptAir (Guardian)

40k petition: Carry guns at GOP convention (Quartz)

…Secret Service: No. (NBC)

FBI Comey to interview Hillary (WA Times)

Video: Cruz comedy, which car pedal for Trump? (The Hill – Jimmy Kimmel)

Japan-bound plane goes back to Hawaii, violent passenger, yoga (San Diego Union-Tribune)

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Friday, March 25, 2016

French raid leads to 6 arrests in Brussels (ABC)

FDA declares hemp oils belong to Big Pharma (The Event Chronicle)

Clinton email techie’s role (Reuters)

Voter registration encouraged at Mosques (NY Times)

Coffee stand staff prays with new widow (Fox Insider)

‘Jury nullification’ fliers, arrested for ‘jury tampering’, possible federal case against local court (M Live)

The Autism backpack! (Upworthy)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UT: Cruz 69% 40/40 Kasich 17% Trump 14%

AZ: Trump 47% 58/58 Cruz 25% Rubio 14% Kasich 10% Carson 3%

Politico Election

Fox Election

CNN Election

Michigan Board of Ed denies parents, doctors: Children choose own gender (Daily Caller)

Pediatricians: ‘Gender Identity’ choice = harm, child abuse (ACPEDS)

Video: Good Samaritan on LA Subway (Daily Caller)

Brussels, photos (Daily Mail)

Brussels was warned, 2 Senators a new miss (Bloomberg)

Pallet: No one could “see” blue color in ancient times | Facebook – Tech Insider

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Encore of Revival: America, March 21, 2016

For better or worse, America is experiencing a change of heart. People are leaving Democratic candidates and Establishment, DC-favored Rubio, to vote Trump. Cruz is up. Kasich is up. Rubio is way down, and Trump is up even more. What does the math tell us? Trump is getting more support than Rubio is losing, while Cruz and Kasich also gain. Democrats are switching. Right or wrong, a change of heart involves progress of conscience.

Danger looms on every horizon and good diagnosis is in high demand. The big dangerous thing about Trump is that we need him. We need his economic history and work specialty to go to work for America. Needing anything is dangerous. The two dangerous things about Cruz are that his supporters think he is less corruptible than Trump and that his supporters are largely sectarian—Christians from bickering denominations, who misrepresent nearly everyone of the many people they take issue with.

Trump dissidents fall into two categories, one of them the Cruz supporters, the other, Democratic Socialists. Neither have a history of properly understanding their opponents. Both are offended that Trump fails their litmus test of character—tone of voice; Churchianity thinks that everyone who doesn’t talk like a beat-down looser is “prideful”; Liberals think that no one should be condescending and braggadocios except Liberals. Both critics say that he doesn’t have much money, but are angry at him for having a lot of money. This contradiction indicates drowning while grasping rather than clear, reasoned thinking. Neither appreciates the power of rules—Churchianity because they have rules without power and Liberals because they have power without rules. Both are largely unaccomplished theoreticians funded by donations from money-makers, employed by real job-creators, rarely the entrepreneurs who pay everyone else’s bills. They critique what he says and how he says it. And, with all the real problems that Trump has, objections from these critics are all that we hear.

All men can be corrupted by power. America seems to forget that the bigger factors in any election don’t exist until two years after, and, the biggest, six. Our country is in ruin because, every change of term, we elect the next messiah, then go back to sleep. China also tries to vet Hong Kong’s leaders in advance, rather than controlling the leaders’ decisions, whether the leaders are “good” or “bad”. No politician is above breaking promises, and no voter is above forgetting the emptiness of words. Nonetheless, all critiques, both pro and con, of all remaining presidential candidates focus on what the candidates say, not which mule can be harnessed to haul the load.

As for work mules, Trump is ideal, partially because he knows the work of infrastructure and firing people—arguably America’s two greatest needs—, but, more importantly, he has most of the country on high and healthy alert, just how the country always should be. As a work mule, Cruz is most dangerous because, while people would oppose him, the country would not be on alert much at all where a Cruz White House is concerned. And, Cruz is an ideal RINO: always failing valiantly while the opposition gains ground. Danger is most immanent, not when people warn of danger, but when people don’t. Sleeping watchmen is the problem. America’s best choice any day will have the diplomatic style of an alarm clock.

As long as America looks for a messiah other than Jesus, she is doomed. We need to think about how to keep “We the people” in control, no matter who wins this November, and how to defeat both political parties for the election in 2024.

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