December 17, 2015

Ryan same S Boehner (Slate)

$1.83B to arm Taiwan (Taipei Times)

$1.6B, “resettle” illegals thru 2018 (Free Beacon)

Limbaugh opines (Limbaugh)

Sessions Opines (YouTube)

NOAA uses “compromised” thermometers for “global warming” (DC)

Suspicious0bserver: The best thing to happen to oceans in 2015 was the rise of the citizen scientist (QZ)  · · · →

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November 19, 2015

Angry Obama (WP)

Limbaugh’s response (EIB)

Five Syrians in Honduras, stolen passports, US-bound (Yahoo-AFP)

8 Syrians caught at Texas border (Breitbart)

TSA bats 250, 95% failure rate (Today)

15 ‘citizen terrorists’ immigrants (Daily Caller)

Get ready: “Heaven and earth condemn them”—China mourns its first citizen killed by ISIL  · · · →

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November 6, 2015

TPP trade deal ‘erodes’ online rights (TC)

TPP full text (

Russians going at it in Syria: 263 targets, 2 days (RT)

France’s largest warship off to Iraq (BBC)

The Limbaugh article everyone is talking about (Nat’l Review)

4 lessons of hope: How This Entrepreneur Fought Her Depression and Built a $300 Million Business  · · · →

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