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Yes, LORD!

I asked the Lord several years ago why He doesn’t just show His glory to all of mankind?

Why He didn’t make His Presence known on the earth so that people would be bowled over by the knowledge that He is real – He is God?

Maybe you’ve asked Him that, too.  It seems so simple to me.  Show them that You are God.

He didn’t answer me until a couple of years ago.

He told me that when He reveals Himself to us that people have one of two responses; they can say, “Yes”or they can say, “No.”  When they say, “No,” their hearts become hardened.  And God, Who knows all things, withholds His glory with mercy, for those He knows are not ready.

Bill Johnson,, tells a story that has always amazed me.  While he was pastoring a church in Weaverville, CA, the Lord touched him in a wonderful way.    · · · →