Quotes on Suffering from PBB: An American Tragedy, by Edwin Chen, circa 1979

The complaints of the known-PBB-poisoned crops, farm animals, humans, and experimental animals.

Source - PBB: An American Tragedy, by Edwin Chen, circa 1979

  • “A cow in front of him looked as if she had been crying. Tears were streaking down her cheeks. He checked her for other infections, especially pinkeye. He resumed down the barn alley. He encountered another tear-streaked face. And then another. And another.” (p.6)
  • “There’s no reason for these cattle to have IBR (a flulike disease which can cause abortions in cattle),” said the stoop shouldered animal doctor. “I vaccinated them all myself and the vaccines came from several suppliers so we can’t blame it on a bad batch of vaccine. But I'll be hanged if I know what it is. These cattle don't act like any I've ever seen before. No cuds, no appetites, no fever. I don't know what they've got.” (p.11)
  • “But soon other symptoms appeared among the cows, such as abnormally rapid hoof growth and lameness.” (p.12)
  • “One night, Sandy woke up with a stab of pain, marking, she later recalled, 'The beginning of a spreading kidney infection. Before that was taken care of, Lisa’s (daughter of Sandy) cough had gotten worse instead of better.'” … “... turned out to be pneumonia and required ten days in the hospital.” (p.12)
  • “The poor calf wouldn’t eat for two weeks before it died.” (p.14)
  • “Soon similar reports (autopsies) arrived on the other calves. Several had ulcers, others inflamed kidneys.” (p.14)
  • “In many cases, the mice would rather starve than eat the (PBB laced) feed during experiment). (p.17)
  • (The calves from the initial PBB exposure) “...had begun to have their calves.” … “The poor animals would have over term calves, and they would develop no mammary tissue, and their pelvic ligaments would not adjust to allow for normal calf presentation.” (p.17)
  • “Yet the cows continued developing illnesses. Many had hooves that curled upward and inward uncontrollably; some began losing hair, then their skin thickened and wrinkled. With each death Dr. Jackson would do a postmortem. The signs always seemed the same, enlarged livers, inflamed kidneys, nearly a total absence of fat.” (p.19)
  • “At the National Animal Disease Laboratory, where Dr. Furr was giving the feed to steers and pigs, two of the pigs died, one bleeding from the ears and one from nearly every orifice in its body.” (p.19)
  • “'One of my rabbits died,’ he told Halbert. Dr. Jackson’s rabbit experiment was his own idea.” (p.20)
  • By mid March Halbert’s own cows began dying before giving birth to calves. Losing both a cow and her calf became more frequent.” (p.23)
  • “...lose their hair in huge patches; soon there was no hair left on their faces and necks, and the hairless patches were spreading quickly. Before long both calves were totally hairless. Then their skin begin to develop a condition called hyperkaratosis, which makes it resemble elephant hide. The calves failed to respond to all treatment.” … “(Halbert’s) wife (same farm as these cattle), Sandy had developed a bleeding ulcer and inexplicable chest pains.” (p.25)
  • “The cows dropped right down in milk production; they weren’t doing well at all.” (p.27 Art Laupichler near Yale, Michigan CoOp)
  • “But death continued to plague the farm. One victim was Super cows, so named because she was the best animal the Halbert’s had ever bred.” … “But two days after Supercow died, her week-old calf also died.” (p.29)
  • “At the Halbert Farm, the disposal of 8000 quarts of milk every day soon became yet another problem to cope with” … ”So Rick decided to haul the waste and milk out, and spread it on the fallow fields. But once the load got bogged down in the field and had to be drained on the spot before it could be pulled loose from the mud.” The liquid wastes were allowed to run off, following the lines of the cornfields and disappearing finally into a stand of young corn. 'Within a few days, we noticed the corn in the field had fallen flat, as though someone had driven a steamroller through that part of the field.’ she said.” (p.50)
  • “'Some of the cows were so weak when they were unloaded that they couldn't stay on their feet. A number of the animals resembled the starving cattle from the drought-stricken Sahel, their hides looking as if they were thrown over their bones. Dozens of them had lost patches of hair on their necks and faces; and the exposed skin resembled elephant hide.’” (p.51)
  • “When one of the drivers saw the pathetically thin animals plodding slowly up the loading ramp, their ears drooping, their coats dull and coarse, their patches of hair missing to reveal elephant-like skin, he gasped, 'My God! What happened to these animals? Is it contagious?’” (p.51-52)
  • “Ball wrenched his back in a minor mishap.” (p.57)
  • “They had rented a house on a farm and a friend of theirs had given them several chickens as a present. ‘They were very pleased,’ Dr. Corbett said, “to be supplied with all the fresh eggs they could eat and took it as a personal affront when I commented that they were the most miserable looking creatures I had ever seen. They were scrawny, and their feathers were falling out. They looked as if they had been half plucked.” (p.66-67)
  • “'We fed the experimental group from days seven through eighteen of the nineteen-day pregnancy period.” … “'Several of the experimental animals died before the end of the feeding period. We performed autopsies on the animals and found two surprising things - the animals had died from massive gastrointestinal hemorrhages, and they all had greatly enlarged livers.” ...of the remainders, autopsies occurred at day 18… “‘Autopsies on the experimental animals revealed a continuing pattern of abnormal liver enlargements.’” (p.67-68)
  • “'It’s an exencephaly,” Dr. Corbett said as everyone gathered around the (mouse) fetus - it's head severely deformed and it's brain protruding from it's skull.” … never seen by any of them in all of the lab workers’ unrelated studies… “If it was due to Firemaster, he thought, there ought to be more of them in the remaining fetuses. 'Here’s another one.’” More were found in the next stage of further studies involving Firemaster and impregnated mice. (p.68)
  • “'For instance, Albert Vandewater, a 49 year old Fremont, Michigan, farmer, said he had been hospitalized for six days in December 1973. Then in March he was admitted to Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids with a suspected coronary problem. 'He is able to get around, but not able to work,’ the FDA report said. Although heart problem was ruled out,’ the report added, 'Mr. Vandewater now cannot see to read or drive. He has a loss of energy, has lost thirty pounds over the past nine months, is subject to blackout spells and has been since December 1973.’ Vanderwall’s farm was quarantined after a chicken was found to have been highly contaminated with PBB.” (p.85-86)
  • “'Also in Fremont, one of the hardest hit areas, dairywoman, Nancy Rottier told FDA inspectors she had begun suffering from migraine headaches, usually 3-4 times per week, for the last five months. Her farm was quaranined…” … “Then her headaches disappeared, since she stopped drinking her own cows’ milk. A subsequent physical examination by her own doctor found Mrs. Rottier 'entirely normal.’” (p.86)
  • “In Newaygo, just a few miles southeast of Fremont, 50 year old Ethel Johnson told FDA officials she began experiencing unusual fatigue in the fall of 1973 and 'just couldn’t seem to make a recovery.’ She became abnormally nervous and began losing weight. A thorough examination turned up nothing. Almost every night she had to get up 3 or 4 times to urinate. Her husband advised her to drink more milk. She did, but her problems worsened. Her ankle and feet then began swelling. After a week’s hospitalization in Fremont, doctors were unable to come up with an explanation for her ailments. They told her to go home and relax. But the swelling continued, and her hands and feet often throbbed at night. Another doctor told her the swelling probably was caused by her circulation, ‘which wasn't the best.’ Before long, Mrs. Johnson was experiencing dizziness and lack of coordination, often staggering, as if intoxicated, when walking and missing her mouth while eating. Her problems began improving after April 1974 when she stopped drinking milk because of the publicity about sick dairy animals, she said.” (p.86)
  • “Her husband, Melvin, told the FDA inspectors he also had coordination problems that set in during the winter of 1973. He spilled coffee frequently, tripped and stumbled often and had fallen in the barn numerous times. Like his wife, Johnson also missed his mouth when eating. An ophthalmologic examination found nothing wrong with his sight. Occasionally, he also had sharp stomach pains that felt as if he were 'stabbed with a knife,’ Johnson said. He said he thought his problems were due to his advancing age. Tests later revealed that the Johnson’s milk had contained 11.2 parts PBB per million, an extremely high dose.” (p.86-87)


Next quote p.90. Will continue through entire book.

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, August 13, 2018

China's situation isn't getting easier. Taiwan now has tested a new missile, boasting ability to fire within China's mainland, being capable of destroying military targets on both land and sea. This is no laughing matter. On the economic front, Beijing has a hard-headed counterpart in the White House, Donald Trump. He shows no indication of backing down on any front, including Beijing. Now, China is going after Muslims.

While it can be politically incorrect for the West to pursue terrorists if they are Muslim, China doesn't have that problem. Military states rarely do, which is one advantage China has over the West. Terror cells may be in hot water since China is on high alert in all directions. If Taiwan were to create trouble on its eastern coast, Beijing would not want more trouble from its western borders. So, any earlier preemptive action from Beijing is likely to be westward, toward Muslim nations. Those Muslim areas could be in greater danger than Taiwan.

Taiwanese have been busy, though. When anyone uses the "Taiwan, China" format, Taiwanese go berserk. That's raising a lot of attention about a little island in the Pacific which now has missiles capable of attacking China. These are interesting times.

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Encore of Revival: America, August 13, 2018

What happened to Omarosa is normal, it doesn't matter, and it's a darn shame that it's normal and doesn't matter. Bureaucratic America permeates every institution, from universities to small Christian congregations to telecommunications companies, even to the White House. They run people around, play dirty tricks, mistreat people of all skin tones, and now it's coming back to bite them in the hiney.

Omarosa herself is now under the microscope, which lets us see the shameful sham of why her story doesn't matter. It's just too normal. Bureaucracy doesn't attack everyone, but it sure does have its favorites. She seems to be one of them. Chuck Todd kept asking how and why she knew to record her meeting with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. It's unbelievable for most people, except for bureaucracy's favorite people to bash. After a while bureaucracy victims get a nose for smelling the rigmarole around the corner. And, they have a knack for attracting trouble, if for no other reason than that bureaucracy doesn't like bloodhounds sniffing them down.

Here's how the archetypal scenario could likely play out—not how it actually did, but how it could have if bureaucracy behaves like bureaucracy...

Trump knows that worms in the White House are always trying to control him by controlling the information that gets to him. So, he asks Omarosa to get certain articles for him, going around his bureaucracy. Smelling trouble, she may have taken steps to protect herself, just as she did in recording the conversation, just as she did with giving her loves ones copies of the reported recording of Trump using the "N" word as a precaution just "in case she's rubbed out" (Esquire). That kind of preemptive-precautionary habit might have led her to violate some rules in the White House, though she would have been acting in defense, not hostility. John Kelly, like the classic bureaucrat he comes across as in the recording, wouldn't have been out of character to "trump" up, as it were, his firing case against Omarosa, though he wouldn't have been entirely unjustified either. She was likely a loose canon, which was why Trump wanted her there in the first place, and John Kelly arrived to tie down loose canons. Trump later told her that he "delegated" because he really did delegate. Trump wouldn't fire the lady himself since he adores her too much—this happens with many administrators because no one likes to fire friends. And, no one likes it when your good friend, the President, lets his chief fire you because you got too cautious on someone else's watch. Feelings are hurt, it wasn't meant to be personal, but it was personal. Now, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

...That's an archetypal speculation of how things may have gone down the hill.

Trump kept things chaotic on purpose so that an old boys' club couldn't keep him a prisoner of fame. This was the story on the street when Reince Priebus left. The Left praised John Kelly as the one possible man who might be able to control Trump. When he was first hired, Kelly was hailed by the Left as the savior. Now, when he does what the Left praised him for, it's all Trump's fault.

The words Kelly spoke were shamefully typical and ordinary in bureaucratic America, but they don't make him especially evil. Many, many pastors have been "fretired" through the same conversation in the back office. Coming from the White House raises the stakes, but other than that, the conversation seemed all too typical.

As for the "N" word, one statement doesn't define a person. It can be sad. But, everyone has said foolish things that they didn't mean, whether in stupidity or anger. No president will ever be an exception. In the minds of Trumpists, who only grow their numbers, discovering proof that a human is human is no longer a fireable offense.

Omarosa was a way for Trump to get around his own gatekeeper. If Trump doesn't hire Omarosa back, Kelly could end up "resigning" in the coming months.

The wisest action would be for Trump to have a one-on-one with Omarosa, apologize on a personal level for his own bureaucracy—which every institution in America has, shamefully—, hire her back so that only he has the power to fire her, also keep Kelly on to keep doing his job, and encourage her that she won't need to guard herself with more recordings and possible "ethics" violations anymore.

And, if he did use the "N" word, he should also say to the country, "Yeah, I did. I was an idiot, really sorry to everyone. Don't follow my bad example. Let's all be better and move one."

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Tables & Enemies

God prepares tables in the presence of enemies. This is one of the benefits that comes with being a Christian. When Jesus is your friend, he takes his white tux and wraps it around you, right in front of your enemies, just to tick them off.

It might sound insensitive to be so insensitive to mean, cruel, oppressive—well, to enemies. But, flaunting a little lack of concern for people who want to do you harm comforts the soul. Nothing is as reassuring as the Almighty setting up tables topped with white linens and fancy banquets all ready to eat.

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, August 6, 2018

Apple sales are up in China, which creates a problem on two fronts. First, the doomsayers were wrong about tariffs crashing economies. If the tariffs aren't making a difference according to the globalist economists, then why did they object? They're the "experts", after all. Shouldn't they have foreseen that tariffs wouldn't matter? The second problematic front is that an American company's success seems to be a problem for the Chinese.

Apple doesn't filter and censor content from personal users, but Chinese state-media outlets seem to think it should. Even though Apple proved that China is good for business, someone had to find fault. Good news just won't do these days.

So, now it's Apple vs China rather than Apple in China. It seems Apple was also duped by the globalist economists into vesting one fifth of its sales in a relationship that wasn't going to last. Watch. This looks like a preemptive step to take action against Apple, who would do well to start pulling out of China before its assets get appropriated for the benefit of the Chinese people.

The swelling trade war between the US and China isn't going away. Dating back to the Opium Wars, the West will push and push as long as most of the money flows downhill into China. While China compares tariffs, Trump balances cash flow.

More importantly, China could be entering another "danger zone" of its own. Painting Trump as an enemy in China's own newspapers could inspire dissidents within China that they have support from the US. The best response for China's own stability would be to report that Trump's tariffs were intended to help China's economy more than the US. That would be more likely to promote unity among the Chinese people. But, the state didn't think of that before press time and the newspapers can't be recalled, even when owned by the state.

China is, indeed calm, just as it claims. There should be no question that China believes the flow of money into China is fair. Chinese don't want to be unfair, after all. China should only have favorable trade because China deserves it. Beigjing isn't out to hurt anyone, unless they are denied the extra favor that the world owes to China. So, don't let the Western press convince you that China is more of a monster than it actually is. We can all be monsters at times.

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Encore of Revival: America, August 6, 2018

It's fair to guess by now, as a kid, Trump might have learned to tell "white lies" to cover up things that might be personally embarrassing. Such is a high-energy culture in many parts and classes of the world. Energetic people from all walks of life might not even remember what they had for breakfast and instinctively say, "I did not pick my nose," when caught picking their noses on camera. And, so what!?

That's the relevant question: So what? So what if Donnie was caught picking his nose? So what if he lies in denying it? Good people don't care about picking noses or lying about picking noses; those who do care are petty. Stupid accusations get stupid defenses. This is how the public will respond to the purported "admission" that some meeting with Russians was about Hillary. It wasn't about illegally rigging vote count, which is more than can be said for some precincts, which Mueller is not investigating.

The latest news feeds from every morning always have the Leftist media hopeful that "this will be the news break that brings down Trump"—and it never does. The AP story this time even has a picture of Trump waving at a Morristown, NJ airport as if it's "goodbye". It's not goodbye at all.

The media and Left think that Americans listen to news to be told what to think. So, when Conservatives listen and read about opinions to inspire their own ideas, the Leftist media presumes that they are minions being told what to think and do. But, the majority of Americans are not minions being told what to think. And, the Christians didn't become Christians by letting the Leftist media try to tell them what to think nor will Christians take orders from the Leftist media on where lies fit within Christian morals—morals which the Leftist media hates anyway. And, they certainly won't decide to unelect Trump just because he might be a "white liar" who covers up embarrassing blunders that they don't care about anyway.

Left-leaning voters already have their minds made up. So, the bombardment of the Leftist media tolling Trump has no hope of removing Trump from office, but only to throw the ordinary American who votes Democratic into a frenzy. The best thing is to just ignore the gossip and stop caring about what everyone says about what Donnie says he did or didn't do.

But danit, everyone should learn from the Christians: Truth sets us free. Hit back with the bold truth and watch the truth do the rest for you.

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Fears Feed on Fear

Many evil deeds are impossible against those who do not fear whatever harm evil might do.

Evil, wicked men plot and plan terrible things, but those things cannot begin unless people fall into panic. And, let us not forget that part of the war against evil is against spirits and demons who literally feed on fear and grow larger and more powerful in size the more people are afraid of what has not yet happened.

Next time terrors and fears come knocking on your door, treat them as an alien sentience: Ignore them. Focus your planning on paths of love.

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Love Cures Crazy


Mental conditions originate from many sources, whether medical or emotional-physical abuse or a learning style ignored or a type of autism wrongly reacted to. Situations like these get worse and worse, spiraling around a self-smothering cocoon of crazy. Once cocooned up in the crazy tree, no one can help that person more than that person is willing.

Everyone feels the pull to climb crazy trees at times. The only thing that pulls us down from climbing crazy is love from other people. Knowing that someone on the ground loves us and calls out to us can call us back down.

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, July 30, 2018

The "China miracle" was nothing more than smoke and mirrors as big companies of the West took advantage of Chinese people seeking a living and Western consumers seeking lower prices. Everyone lost. There was no "miracle".

The fad for cutting costs and quick investment returns nickeled and dimed away quality, eventually pushing bean counters to fall in love with China's underpaid labor force. When China opened for business in 1978, the shipments rolled in. Wealth wasn't made, it was only rearranged. A large shipping freighter made a large wake, some sunbathers had to move their towels on the beach when the wave wrecked the sand castles, and the global economist footsie-frat claimed that the sea levels had permanently risen.

Perhaps the label was wishful thinking, perhaps it was a malicious deception, but it wasn't Chinese propaganda; it was globalist propaganda. China's "growing economy" was fueled by an exchange between a planned economy and the free markets of the world. Whatever wave came, it would lower, eventually balance out, and could never have endured any more than spilled crude oil mixes with wildlife on the beach.

The mainstream Western press kept reporting on the "Chinese miracle", encouraging Beijing that China's new economy was here to stay. Western globalist economists should have known better, maybe they did, maybe they didn't, but China is paying the price of the inevitable. Eventually, either the Western economies would collapse—then the one-way flow of cash into China would stop as it did after the opium wars—or a Donald Trump would come along and stop the flow before it got that far. But, it wasn't going to last. The biggest victim of the bean-counter coupon-clipper culture of the West is China. And, making victims reaps nothing more than ill will.

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Encore of Revival: America, July 30, 2018

Days after Trump meets with Putin and doesn't mention Snowden, the NSA finds "many issues of non-compliance" in handling data, which was part of Snowden's initial concern. It seems that a way may already be finding its way for Snowden to return to the US in relative peace.

Just after the worldwide worry machine was all in a tizzy about trade wars with the EU, the US and EU have almost all their issues resolved and are working to make things much better than they were before.

The "bug" in Putin's soccer ball is part of an app device from Adidas, not a surveillance device from Russia's FSB.

The "made in China" Trump products either 1. go back to the pre-presidential campaign Trump business in which Trump learned about China up close and personal as a trader himself or 2. are unaffiliated knock-off products made in China to resemble actual Trump campaign products, but Bernie Sanders doesn't know the difference between the real and the knock-off.

Now, the Leftist press is going after SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh's wife. There is a gross hypocrisy here since the Leftist press didn't go digging through the correspondence of Clinton's mistresses. When Congress did hold an inquiry about Bill's love life through Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, the Leftist press jumped to write it off as "personal". It doesn't seem personal anymore, or is it getting too personal?

The reason for going after Kavanaugh's wife is lack of evidence against Kavanaugh. This goes beyond "grasping at straws". The implosion of the press reached a new public demonstration of insanity this week, so the weeks to come are only likely to get more entertaining.

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, July 23, 2018

Central planning has only so much room for slight of hand tricks to keep up its sleeve. When the going gets tough, everyone goes home. For China, that means devaluing its currency, a complaint Trump has long lobbed against the trade giant.

Maintaining good relations with Apple and almost achieving the manufacturing capability long held by Samsung is quite the accomplishment for the Chinese. Good job. Everyone owes them a hand. China's BOE company hopes to be able to start manufacturing the flexible, "organic" LED displays by 2020.

Devaluing currency as a response to trade tariffs from the US, however, is likely to make those tariffs higher, considering that devaluation of its own currency was one reason Trump argued for tariffs before his election. This, and turning to Africa, means that the international bite is felt. Silicon Valley also has its eyes on Africa, meaning that Apple and China may meet again in Africa, as well as Google. But, doing more of the same things that initiated tariffs is likely to cause more tariffs than tariff problems it alleviates.

China has a hard set of choices ahead and as those choices narrow, the tiger will feel more and more like its been backed against a corner. This path doesn't endure entirely peacefully.

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Encore of Revival: America, July 23, 2018

The daily morning quest to prove, "Trump really stepped in it this time. Today, it's all over," has reached a point of certifiability. Recordings of Trump saying nothing wrong shouldn't even make news, let alone headlines. And, just the fact that Helsinki happened—not to mention that it won't be the last Putin-Trump summit—is good news, not bad. But, the anti-Trump press just doesn't see this.

The larger should-be piece of news with Helsinki would recall Trump's campaign statement that the US needed to get Edward Snowden back from Russia. But, Snowden didn't come up, spare a pre-summit article in the Politico. The most likely reason Snowden has fallen down on Trump's list of priorities is that Snowden blew the whistle on some sloppiness in the NSA. Trump's original statement against Snowden came about the same time Trump spoke in agreement with then FBI Director James Comey's desire to have Apple write a backdoor hack for their iPhones, another topic of technology that quietly disappeared. Whatever was going on in the Obama NSA and FBI has probably been fixed and bringing Snowden back into the limelight would show how sloppy inside baseball had gotten. It's probably best for everyone to just leave it alone.

If the press really wanted to injure Trump, they would have spun Snowden's situation as some kind of "failure", but they didn't. Instead, they are still stuck in their Russianewsgategate conspiracy kookery. By pushing as far as they did this past week, they are truly making themselves irrelevant. This week crossed a new line of crazy for the press.

The most important development this week was not that the queen appointed Charles her successor nor that the new American president met with Russia's president for the first time nor that Hillary gave a sit-down talk in a moo-moo, but that the press is going insane in public view and doesn't care. This could shift the balance in the mass media market. Watch for trending changes around the start of August 2018.

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Axe Your Packs

Moving forward often requires placing our favored pet projects on the chopping block to move forward without them.

It's easy to see which projects need the axe, but accepting so proves more difficult. Right away, we know what costs more and can't carry its own weight—which projects don't sow "good karma" (so to speak) and which ones generate the necessary buzz of a "freemium" business model.

The keepers stay afloat, being able to generate and lift. Some things need carrying in their beginnings, but you can only carry so much baggage. Axe whatever weighs more than you can carry.

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Overcoming Obstacles, a Matter of Perspective

Many of you are facing what appear to be insurmountable obstacles – like giant walls of boulders, or in other places like solid brick walls. 

You can see the detail of each rock or brick, you can see the texture and can almost feel them from where you are standing.

You know this is the way you are supposed to go…but you can’t SEE how to overcome the obstacles in front of you.

The Lord showed me that these “obstacles” these “walls” are nothing more than really nice pieces of art work on RICE PAPER. 

They look real in every aspect, but He said “I’ve got this, see in the spirit instead of the natural and SEE that these obstacles are nothing more that attractive distractions – JUST WALK ON THROUGH as I have already prepared the path before you!”

So – look at your obstacles with your spiritual eyes and allow the wisdom of the Lord to show you that HE’S GOT THIS.

Be blissed.
Martin Best
Shelton, WA
2018, 22 July.