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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Contempt for God’s Kindness

This just ambushed my thought process.

Romans 2:4 says, “Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?”

He’s challenging the Roman believers for showing contempt for the riches of God’s kindness, forbearance and patience.


Who are the folks showing contempt for God’s kindness?

Well, this verse indicates part of that: the folks who don’t realize that it’s God’s kindness which leads to repentance. Folks who preach something other than God’s kindness? Yeah. Them.

The context makes it even more clear: those who “pass judgment on someone else” (v1) are the folks he’s addressing.

He’s very specific: “Do you think you will escape God’s judgment?” (v3) That’s pretty strong language there, Paul!

More specifically, Paul is saying that believers who condemn other believers, believers who emphasize something other than God’s kindness are “storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath.” (v5) That’s what it’s saying, isn’t it?  · · · →

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Many, many years ago, I stepped out to do something that God had called me to do. The result was not perfect and it was criticized. I went away believing I had failed - failed God, failed myself, let everybody down, etc.

Years later I heard someone say, "Well, it doesn't have to be perfect the first time you do something. You learn and you get better." And I had this moment of clarity and realized that the critical words that I had heard years before had bound me up. I had believed them. And they were not necessarily the heart of God.

When our children learn to walk, or learn to do anything new, we never expect that they will do it perfectly the first time. And neither does our God.

We learn by trying. We learn by obeying. And God knows we will not always get it right. But as we humble ourselves and try again, we get closer to the goal.  · · · →

Never as they Seem

The known and the unknown… Are they?

One reason police investigations can take time is evasion and elusion. Villains deceive. That’s what they do. If every crime was as simple as it is made to seem then there would be no need for any police, courts, laws—in fact, if every first guess was right, we wouldn’t even need schools, books, or even language for that matter.

We wouldn’t even need protests, if all things were as they appear.

So, whomever you think the enemy is, just might be your friend. Whoever helps you fight him is probably your puppetmaster.

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 26, 2016

The iPhone 7 is why Taiwan’s market jumped last week. The US presidential debate is why the Asian market dipped Monday. At least, that’s what the “experts” say.

The US and Philippine militaries will practice, especially since the Philippine president thinks he needs more US troops in his back yard pool. China flew no small number of jets past Japan in their own rehearsals—for something. China is also investigating North Korea’s banking connection to their nukes. South Korea won’t help with relief from the devastating Tumen river flood in North Korea for concern that Kim would take the credit and bolster his power. And, the headline news from Taiwan is typhoon Magi, the approaching storm.

Two things are for sure: There is more than one storm brewing in the Eastern Pacific and money is involved in all of them.

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Encore of Revival: America, September 26, 2016

The Obama administration finally creates a “cease fire”, and within weeks the other side has a strong case made for new war crimes. Omitting other examples of oxymoronic results, it is ever bit as true that Obama is the number one reason Trump will win 2016 as W Bush was the number one reason Obama won 2008. As with Clinton v HW, and W v Clinton, winning presidents have pit their campaigns against the lame duck for the last 28 years.

As for the irony of Tulsa v Charlotte—why one city prayed while the other was invaded by outside rioters—there is too much going on behind the scenes for any easy explanation. To claim Soros’ funding of outsiders’ protesting is a drastic understatement. Newspapers profit more from hate than peace. Justice and press-release protocol is always too sluggish. Too many cops would rather study donut menus than smart practice—but, not the good ones, of course!  · · · →