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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Details of Justice

Justice isn’t easy. We have all asked for it. We have all complained about injustice. We all know justice when we see it. But, giving justice seems to be a skill attained by a reserved few.

There are so many details that need to be considered in matters of justice. Matters of justice span from parenting to teaching to leading business. Government courts see the fewest actual situations of justice—only the ones which have gotten out of control.

Courts are the last resort for justice, but they are the first thought on most people’s minds. Give your own justice.  · · · →  · · · →


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 24, 2016

Pro-China legislators blocked the swearing-in of pro-Independence lawmakers in Hong Kong. Pro-Independence activists from Hong Kong told Taiwanese not to give up on independence. China said that independence for either China or Hong Kong is a “futile” plot. Then, Hong Kong told Taiwan not to meddle in other countries’ affairs.

Taiwan’s former president from the former-controlling party faces charges of leaking secrets of the State. That former-controlling party is working on formulating its opinion of Taiwan and China, while the newly-controlling party’s administration investigates the former president. The trend seems to be announcing opinions about other countries’ opinions about their opinions. So much opining about opining almost resembles pre-WWII Europe.

The Philippines won’t be cooperating with the US Navy anytime soon. Old traditions are over. Philippine military leadership wants China to make the first move in the South Sea, but China already has, especially with the man-made islands.

China also made the first move in Hong Kong’s independence movement.  · · · →


Encore of Revival: America, October 24, 2016

WikiLeaks’ time ran out.

Extraditing Julian Assange for “rape” charges to Sweden, where he can then be extradited to the US, would reduce all future “sexual” allegations to being a potential fake tool in all future cases all over the world. If the charges are real, the extradition would include clauses that he be returned to Ecuador once the case is cleared and any sentence served, but that probably won’t happen because that is probably not what is happening. As we can see with the media’s assault against Trump, sexual charges have already been reduced to a mere means of a more deeply-motivated political assault. Remember, this happened after WikiLeaks attacked the incumbent’s political party during October Surprise season—but not back in September, after the FBI revealed that Obama was chatting with Hillary pseudononymously on her server. That’s curious.

WikiLeaks may view their mission as holding governments accountable with conspiracy, which was never going to last, but the greater achievement is accountability to competence.  · · · →


The Courage to Succeed

Amazon Books is one of my favorite things created. I browse so many books. The most addicting part of this whole escapade is reading what others thing have thought of the book, ideas, flow, rhythm of the sentences. And it never ends because the next thing you know you’re clicking on, “People who liked this book also liked…”, Rinse and repeat…for hours. On top of that, the worst place to do is in the self-development genre of books (yes it’s also known as self-help, but that sounds so degrading, doesn’t it?), because there must be one book with all the secrets to life and happiness, right?

Several years of Amazon Prime later, countless books, and a mind obsessed with improvement, I’m here to tell you the only skill you need to succeed. A bold statement (pun intended), but you’ll form an opinion.

The skill we need

The only skill you need to master is courage.  · · · →


Explosions All Around Us

Some folks among us have had violent, “earth shaking” events in their lives recently. Some have been asking, “Why Lord? Why me?”

A good gardener (or “husbandman”) has many tools at his disposal, some which are not intuitive.

Our gardener has been preparing some of us for growth by detonating charges around us, even underneath us. Sometimes, all we see is the explosions going off around us, showering us and those around us with detritus.  

Occasionally, we may see our bearded Gardener, twinkle in his eye, as he stands back from a freshly lit fuse. It’s easy to suspect that he’s bringing harm from the detonation, and this is undoubtedly where we get the idea that God works to harm us.
It’s true that God allows in his wisdom many things that he could, by his power, prevent from happening to us. And it’s likely that he does set off some of the blasts that startle us and discombobulate us.  · · · →